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Dominate Your Market

In today’s information economy, business owners are faced with competing with others to generate leads on the internet.  As a result, they are challenged with assimilating thousands of flashy ads and posts from the latest social media gurus, thousands of blog posts about the latest lead generation strategies, and countless hours of watching videos. Inevitably this causes the business owner to be overwhelmed, wondering what to do next.

A successful business today and in the future is all about knowing how to effectively use social media platforms to get the most leads at the least cost with the highest conversion rates.

So, we are dedicated to help business owners uncover how to use these platforms to generate leads to dominate their market.


Steve Sands, MBA, is a business development leader with over 30 years of successful sales and marketing experience in complex, enterprise level applications. Customers typically included global 2000 and large regional institutions.

During his vast sales experience, he had the privilege of building sales teams and helping build start-up divisions within the infrastructure of Fortune 500 companies.

For the past 10 years, Steve has specialized with social media networking mediums to develop leads, prospects, clients, and sales. Specialization include Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram and LinkedIn, leading clients to establish prospects, increase exposure, capture leads, and convert prospects to clients, specifically by using an attraction marketing method. The attraction marketing method uses the following formula: establishing your prospects, nurturing your prospects, and then converting your prospects to clients.

Goals are then reached by developing specific lead generation strategies designed with the end goal of creating clients, revenue, and market domination. These goals are realized through a systematic approach of using building blocks, leading to a comprehensive social media lead capture and sales conversion structure.

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