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I-Buying Platform

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eXp Realty is home  to the most agent-centric instant offer platforms in the industry, Express Offers. It is available exclusively to eXp agents, and it is an instant offer platform.

Real Estate Agent Kept in Transaction

I-Buying  programs are proliferating the internet.  Typically I-Buyer companies purchase homes directly from the owner, thereby leaving you, the real estate agent, out of the transaction. This can lead to lowering home values and placing your client at a disadvantage. At eXp Realty, the agent is kept in the transaction.

Express Offers enables eXp agents to submit properties to a network of institutional cash buyers on behalf of their client. In many cases, properties qualify to be submitted to more than one I-Buyer, or a marketplace of buyers, yielding multiple cash offers to sellers.

Introduce I-Buyers to Express Offers

eXp agents also have the opportunity to introduce new I-Buyers to the Express Offers platform. In doing so, they earn a percentage of the transaction fee each time that I-Buyer successfully closes  a deal.

Get More Information

Discover the modern way to sell your client’s home by going directly to I-Buyers who are looking for properties in your local market. This allows you to sell your client’s home quickly. So in these cases, your client skips the hassle of listing and showing their home and reduces the uncertainty of a traditional home sale.

When this happens, you incur no marketing expenses, social media campaigns, drones, photography, installation, signs, and staging.  With no marketing expense, you net more money.

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