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Virtual Meeting World Record

With all the attention placed on social distancing because of the concern of COVID-19, perhaps it is time to review the concept of a virtual meeting.

It was awesome to be a part of a virtual event where I was one of 916 in attendance. If you look closely and knew what my avatar looked like, you can see me standing on the right side in the balcony. When I arrived, which was 15 minutes before the event, there was standing room only in this virtual auditorium.

This was on April 25, 2019 when I attended an eXp Texas Brokerage Meeting inside the virtual eXp World Campus. According to VirBELA, it was a new record for them at that time.

In VirBELA’s blog post covering this meeting, they state,

916 might be the record for now, but we’re just getting started.

For virtual tour of the campus, watch the brief video below…

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