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Whose Brand Are You Building? Part 2

Applying Attraction Marketing Methods

Applying Attraction Marketing Methods

Any real estate agent can apply the attraction marketing to their own internet business. There are three main parts to developing a successful attraction marketing campaign. The good news is that none of them are difficult, costly or overly time consuming.

Here, we will explore these three parts and find out how you can put them to use no matter what type of Real Estate business you have. In short, they are: establishing your prospects, nurturing your prospects, and then converting your prospects to clients.

Your Brand

Since people buy products and services from people and brands they know, like and trust, you must become a person and a brand people know, like and trust. When you brand you, you create trust, authority, and credibility in the eyes of your prospect. Branding you is essential.

Your Brand is about how to represent yourself on the internet so that you are recognized as the trusted authority. Many agents work their entire career for a broker and have contributed to building that broker’s brand. Only to realize at the end of their career, their personal brand is non-existent. Do not let this happen to you. While it is perfectly honorable to help build someone else’s brand, particularly when you are contracted to do so, remember that you should be building your own brand at the same time. When you do, everyone wins. Your broker wins through the increased business you close; your client wins by receiving value; and you win by helping others and by building your brand.

When you look around you and study the leaders in your real estate locale, you will realize that they have a following; they serve that following by creating content and providing them value; and they brand themselves. You should do the same.

You are what is going to set you apart from the marketplace, and you are your greatest asset. Nobody is like you, and that is why clients will contract with you. So, you must brand you. You are the brand, not the products or services you offer. You have a unique voice and message. It is the time the world hears it.

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