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Open House Domination

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There is a ton of information for which you can search on the internet regarding open houses.  One of the best I found is a podcast recording about Chris Suarez and how he dominated his market by only doing open houses.  You can find that recording at: Chris Suarez Open House Domination Podcast. It is from the collection of podcasts from The Niche Agent.

For your convenience, you can download the notes which I took as I listened to the podcast.  Here is the download link: Chris Suarez Open House Domination Notes.

Podcast Overview

When Chris moved to Portland, he did not have a database of prospects in Portland, but he knew to thrive with open houses to obtain leads.  So, he began building his database with open houses when he first got to Portland.

He started in August and closed out the year with $10 million in real estate transaction volume.  The second year, which was a full year, he did $21 million. The third year was $42 million, and the fourth year climbed to over $70 million.

In the podcast, he provides the tactics his team employs each day of one week prior to an open house and the tactics on the day of the open house.  Most importantly, he also discusses the follow up campaigns that he does after the open house.

One clever idea he mentions is how he obtains the attendee’s e-mail address.  Chris does not provide handouts at the open house.  Instead a documentation packet is e-mailed to the attendees.

The packet typically includes a flyer of the home, comps for the home, and a total market overview.  The market overview is mostly the local neighborhood stats.  Once the open house attendee’s e-mail address is obtained, the packet is e-mailed to them through their e-mail autoresponder.

This podcast is about 28 minutes in length and is packed full of great information on how to dominate your market with an effective open house strategy.

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