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PaaS and the Real Estate Agent

Platforms as a Service

Platforms as a Service

Platforms as a service (PaaS) is a delivery solution that provides services to companies that provide software applications to consumers. Techopedia has a good definition of PaaS. Techopedia describes PaaS as the center of various layers of the cloud and grew out of companies that hosted software on the internet. Essentially PaaS is the center of the delivery of applications to consumers and is used herein to describe the delivery of information.

Information Based Economy

The information age began in the early 1970’s. Information was accessed electronically and personal computers (PC) emerged. The PC era helped to rapidly expand the information age.

Overtime, information was structured, organized, and aggregated into specialized delivery channels. Today Platforms as a Service (PaaS) are the physical delivery channels.

Consumers of the information can now access PaaS through the internet by downloading an app onto their smartphone or by a webpage through an internet browser. As a result, the PaaS can then deliver information to be managed for knowledge, entertainment, and instruction.

Many companies using PaaS have successfully monetizing their specialized information either through a monthly subscription model, an advertising model, or both. As a result, the information age is now the information-based economy.


There are many examples of companies that use PaaS to deliver information to its consumers. For retail, Amazon is the most prolific. For video distribution, Netflix and DirecTV and good examples. Social media certainly has is share of companies, which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

Effects on the Real Estate Agent

To be successful as a Real Estate Agent, you must plug into some of these companies listed to get information. The reason you need the information is so that you can properly apply it to your business. In order to do this, you must assimilate hundreds of flashy Facebook ads from the latest real-estate gurus. You must read thousands of blog posts on the latest lead generation strategies, and watch countless hours of YouTube videos. Inevitably you become overwhelmed, and unfulfilled, wondering what to do next.

The One Thing

In this information-based economy, a successful real estate career today and in the future is all about knowing what PaaS to use to get the most leads at the least cost with the highest conversion rates.

Plugging into the World of PaaS

For you to successfully plug into the world of PaaS, three marketing concepts need to be understood. You can discover more about these in the follow posts:

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