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Real Estate and the Kansas Farmer Fallacy

Real Estate and the Kansas Farmer

You may be asking, “What does real estate have to do with the Kansas farmer?” Well, that is a good question. Actually, there is a lot in common between the two. Once you hear this story, you will soon see what I mean.

Kansas Farmer

Several years ago, a friend of mine shared with me what many salespeople do every day is like a Kansas farmer he knew. This farmer and his new bride wanted to own a family wheat farm all their lives. Shortly after being married in late August, they moved to a farm they just bought and were eager to start planting for the upcoming winter wheat season.

So, early one morning in late September, the fall air was cool. The farmer got on his tractor and headed to the field where he would begin to tiller about a million seeds for his one-acre farm. He was entranced by the crisp air and the singing birds. He noticed the clear horizon as the sun rays had just appeared.

It had rained the day before. He was unfamiliar with how water drained and the potential low spots on this land. Unfortunately, he started out in the one area where the ground was unusually susceptible to ensnaring heavy farm implements like a tractor.

Getting Stuck

Well, as you might expect, the farmer’s tractor got stuck in this corner of his land.  His instincts kicked-in, and he began to rock the tractor back and forth to dislodge it from being stuck. The more he tried a pattern of inching forward and then inching backwards, the more the tractor got stuck. As he completed several sequences, his tractor and his clothes were covered with mud, and his tractor sunk even deeper.

He was so determined to get unstuck that he skipped lunch and soon the entire day was gone. Finally resolved to starting over the next day, he climbed off the tractor and walked to the farmhouse. As he approached, his new bride saw that he was caked with mud, sweat, and barely recognized him. She exclaimed, as he got within hearing range, “My, my you really work hard today!”

Working Hard Is Not Always Productive

Yes, the farmer did work hard all day, but he was not very productive. Too many times, you may do the same thing in prospecting for potential clients but get stuck in unproductive activities. At the end of the day you are exhausted and tried, but were you productive?

Are you distracted the latest real estate ad promising leads galore? In our social media age, there are many things that get you off-track by enticing you to download the latest tips, watch the newest video, join a webinar starting in 10 minutes, or sign up for a real coach’s monthly sessions for $297 per month.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are many fine real estate coaches and suggestions offered on the internet. Each training typically works, but finding the right one and staying committed to a process is not easy. This typically leads to jumping from one process to another. You work hard, but productivity is lacking. Typically focus and commitment to a systematic process that is designed for you is what you need.

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