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Right Away Or Right Way

Right Away Or Right Way

During my sales and marketing career, I worked with many personality types. Most, though, fit into two categories to one degree or another. I characterize these categories as the “Right Away” group or the “Right Way” group.

Right Away

The Right Away group are those that are task oriented. They have a list of things that they must accomplish each day. If they don’t have a list or a task, then they are constantly seeking a new something to cross off their list. They must be busy. They are full of anxiety if they are not doing something, even if whatever they do is not productive. Occasionally, they are much like the Kansas Farmer I wrote about in an earlier blog.

Right Way

Those that align in the Right Way group tend to fit everything they do into a plan. Their approach to life and things they want to accomplish must fit perfectly in a systematic design. They can be task oriented if the task logically fits into a design. The Right Way group focuses on those tasks that will efficiently accomplish a goal. At times, though, they can get bogged down with trying to perfect a step and not get anything done.

It Takes Both

What is interesting is that it takes both groups, working together, to efficiently and productively accomplish a goal. The Right Away person will prod, promote, and encourage a Right Way person to get going, to move to the next step, even if the step is not perfect. The Right Way person will point out to the Right Away person that something may be unproductive, and they need to think about their situation from a different perspective.

Social Media Examples

You can see these two groups in the various social media platforms. The Right Away person is always posting something in their news feed. On some days they post multiple times a day without realizing that the reach for each post competes with the reach from the previous post. They feel that they are accomplishing their goals because they work hard by posting something, anything.

A Right Away person is quick to accept a 30-day video challenge, or the challenge de jour.  Typically, the strategy is to get likes and engagement without regard to a system that captures a prospect’s contact information and nurtures a professional relationship. Posting and accepting challenges are not bad, they just need to be placed into a context of an overall strategy. 

The Right Way person tends to get bogged down with social media because of all the complexity, intricacies, nuances of each social media platform. Then there is the myriad of methods of capturing the lead, nurturing the lead, and conversing with the lead. With so many platforms, approaches, methods, what then is the best approach to an overall strategy?

Even though I am a Right Way individual, I found the best approach is to achieve a balance between the two groups.  Start with one platform, get good at engagement and capturing leads with the platform, and then move to the next platform. It takes time and discipline to achieve a balanced approach, but it can be done.

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